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Our key mission is to inspire, engage and help aspiring poets all over India. We love poetry and will go the extra mile to spread it! 

If you have any questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this page. Please complete the form below for any other queries. You can also e-mail us at Please expect a reply within 48 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am an aspiring poet. Are there any writing competitions I can participate in?

Yes. Delhi Poetry Slam is proud to sponsor a variety of writing competitions throughout the year to bring fame and recognition to deserving poets from across India. Currently, we are hosting Free Verse Poetry Competition 2017 which accepts entries written in free verse from anyone who is above 13 years of age. Find out more about rules and how to participate by clicking here. 

Q. What is the procedure to participate in the competition? 

You can choose to submit between one or three poems. Upon paying the respective entry fee, you will receive a submission form via e-mail to attach your poems online. 

Q. I am a beginner in writing poetry and have coincidentally stumbled on your website. Is this platform meant for me?

We believe poetry is all about expressing yourself. Every poem is a special work of art, whether written by an established poet or beginner. Beginners are encouraged to submit their poetry. Delhi Poetry Slam takes pride in providing a platform to beginners and new poets. Sharing your poetry with us will give you the right confidence and tools to improve your work. So don't hesitate! 

Q. I want to get published. Are there any publication opportunities with Delhi Poetry Slam?  

You can get published on our online weekly poetry forum. This will help you receive exposure from thousands of readers all over India. Showcase your talent and creativity. 

Q. How do I improve my writing? 

Critical feedback from users on the website will encourage you to discover both the strengths and flaws in your writing. When you write a new poem, you can test the waters by publishing the poem on our website. 

Q. Any advice on staying inspired as a poet?

Reading poems written by our own generation is a fun way of igniting creativity. We are proud to publish the best poems and stories in our monthly e-magazine "Bookish". It is filled with advice on how to grow your talent as a poet. Get your copy here.