Desert of Emotion

By Debapriya Sarkar

What do I fear? 
I fear not the world. 
I fear doth the world. 
I fear not the world, strange and unknown,
not the wriggling low minds that tries and fails to chop my dream's flutter. 
I fear doth the world, the known visages, the hearts I thought I can build home with , the mind that preach me yet stops my practice. 
This play of known of being unknown, the masque of good and mind of evil, the cloak of bond and action of dispute, erodes and barrens, I am afraid of desertification!
Deserts of my emotions!  I fear! 


  • Thank you so much. Means a lot @suryaprakashverma

    Debapriya Sarkar
  • It had been a while since I last read any piece of poem. Ten days, precisely. Today, I read this piece of your creations. With heart satisfied and all its chambers harmonized.

    Surya Prakash
  • Thank you Subham, Suchismita and Shakuntika. Overwhelmed!

    Debapriya Sarkar
  • So beautifully you have reflected the bitter truth of human life with your poem .The real shackles of limitations are those tied to us by our near and dear ones.

    I believe someday i will read out your writtings to my childrens .

  • Beautiful selection of words and how beautifully you have placed them to their justification… you have grown so much as a writer…keep writing, waiting for more?

  • Gajab

    Shakuntika Archa
  • Thank you everyone, each of your words are inspiring and will encourage me to develop my skill.

    Debapriya Sarkar
  • Wondrous justice to the words you hav selected!

  • Keep up the good work!

  • Indeed, the thing that truly scares most people are people themselves. Their malice, their pretense, their words, all of them. A thousand moonless nights would scare me less. Kudos to the author for portraying this fear in very meticulously chosen words.

    I truly believe this poem does justice to the theme selected.

    Indranil Dutta
  • The poem is having the theme of inner fear and chaos, in this fast world with fast changing situations of life the modern people do not need any other fearful object to get frustrated and feel desolate,it is this dearth of emotions with the repeated bluffs and hurtful reactions from surrounding that erodes fine human sensibility.
    Anticipating reviews ☺️

    Debapriya Sarkar

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