TinselTown Rehab

By Meenakshi Shukla
Hometown is that boyfriend
I refuse to forget, 
Despite our incessant nasty fights.
writing about him though
At a drop of a hat
Is nothing short of a tinseltown rehab,
how else do I perfectly describe that place
Other than the flawed love of my life and my recurring rebound
A spoilt brat, harsh and sexy!
Criminally adventurous 
And full of criminal audacities...
A simple road ride seeming like a death fleet
To a semi constructed mindset, 
That needs to take the back seat.
Chatting in groups where afloats his laughter
Aroma of kachauris and samosas
Trapped in his sweater
He doesn't give two cents off his status
He double folds scarf and ties around his neck 
Breaks all traffic signals, swears even on his own mistakes
Barely spares anyone who tries to school his tastes
He Googles prada and rocks a hoodie labelled PARDA
Overbearing with perfume that he calls scent
It's been a long time he's been given a shower!
He's an overlooked tree desperate to grow
His roots still grow on my head like an afro
He calls us out when we let him on his own
away we long... cause he's our first home
Many Chennai's can come and million Pune's can go
Kanpur still has my heart and still holds it as a whole!


  • Thanks so much everyone for such heartwarming comments…..made my day…❤️❤️❤️

  • Kya baat hai …Kaphi poems kanpur ki trf sr aayi hai mujhe khusi hai ki aap sab ke saath mein kanpur ka niwasi hoon ….

    Umdaa 💐💐💐💐👌👌

    Saransh dwivedi
  • Love the way you have expressed your thoughts. Nice writing.

    Nandini Sharma
  • Loved the connotation of love as hometown.

  • Beautifully writing. Enjoyed!

  • Love the comparisons used in this.

    Mareena Francis
  • Wonderful

    Vaishali Goel

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