By Snigdha Nayak

From the mud bloomed a beauty
The majestic Millenial city.
52 markets,53 lanes
Witness the Warriors' blood stains.
Hustle and bustle clamouring alleys
Trap the newbies in the game of maze.
Drooling at the sight of "Dahibara aloodum"
Expunges all melancholy and glum.
Enthralling Exquisite rendition of "silver filigree"
Artistry beyond the imagery.
Flourishing by the blessings of saviour "Maa Chandi"
Protecting from dreadful tragedy.
Historical reminiscent of "Barabati Fort"
Ravishing words for its carvings are falling in short.
Amalgamation of vogue and ethnicity
Delineate the essence of solidarity.
Epitome of candid and brotherhood
With hues of endearment it got imbued...
Bowing my head to King Markat
For presenting plethora of glory to CUTTACK .

What more can I compose?
When city is filled with myriad elegance.
What more can I expose?
When it's name itself depicts benevolence.

Memories down the lane,
Images flashing like train,
Heart sobbing with pain,
Flashback haunting my brain.

Dying with great remorse
Life's getting worse.
To seek my fortune,I migrated
Serenity got devastated.

It's outskirts strangling me,
It's nostalgic vibes stirring me,
It's folk songs driving me,
It's warmth chilling me.

Oh Lord have Mercy,
Bestow me a time machine.
Wanna return my homely galaxy,
Replenish my life with deep serene.


  • Reading it, feels like I’m visiting the city. Great work

    Akhilesh Sharma
  • Thanks everyone ♥️

    Snigdha Nayak
  • The description got me in the feels.

    Harshada Pawar
  • Lovely imagery!

    Mareena Francis
  • Awesm

    Vaishali Goel

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