Madras Chronicles

By Shiney Miracula

This is not exactly my hometown
I entered this place with a frown
Though as a child I wanted to live here
And thought that will be full of cheer. 
Madras is how I like to call it
Inspite of the change of the name, Chennai as the government saw it fit.
I came here during the most difficult phase
Of my life. There wasn't a single smile on my face. 
We rushed my mom to hospital, and they told me stroke
Is what made her sick and I couldn't help but choke. 
It was close to December, 
Pain was all I could remember
In my dream city
Where I've always imagined life to be pretty.
I have to take my board exams
Within a few months, I cooked, studied, cried and felt like perpetual spasms 
In my heart. I somehow passed
But my mom's health was still paused 
When I had to leave for hostel 
For my college. I didn't even had time to visit the coastal
Beauty of Marina, before I leave 
I didn't knew what I should believe
Anymore in life when I felt like giving up
On everything. Then when I look up 
At the magnificence of the grand central station
I forget my mental devastation 
For a while. Then after at my leisure 
Went to the beach, and it made me smile for a while, even if can't give me sheer pleasure. 
The busy roads, roadside vendors,
Glitzy malls with shining glass doors,
The strong smelling fish markets, 
People selling flower baskets,
It all have a calming effect on me
And when I'm sad I just stare at the distant lone tree.
My mom's still taking treatment, 
Chennai has become sort of permanent 
Residence. My days here 
Consist of joy, depression, fear
Hope and faith. My significant portion of life was spent
In Madras as I would always like to call it. My Madras  days has its own dear scent. 

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  • Good. Seeking some happiness in struggle, be happy to help the beloved mother.

    Rajan V Kokkuri

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