By Pragnya Paramita

Somewhere in the bylanes

Of a place I call home

Is a house with cracked windows and vines 

creeping up the walls.

Somewhere in the middle of

A garden created by my Aai

Grows a tree bearing red hibiscus flowers

That I watch every day in

The month of scorching hot May, being 

plucked to be

 Placed at the feet of various Gods.

Somewhere in the cemented courtyard lies a 

chopped coconut tree

That I used to drink fresh fizzy coconut water from.

Somewhere near the place I call home,

Is a town with the river Kathajodi running wild

And a town with 52 bazaars

And 53 gullies,

And every single one

Sings a different tune.

Somewhere in between those 52 bazaars lies a shop 

Selling the most delicious sweetened buttermilk,

With rose petals and thick rabri.

Somewhere in a place I call home

Is a mango tree where the village kids gather round

With greedy eyes and smacking lips

With no other care in the world.

Somewhere in every house of

A place I call home

Every girl is celebrated

As a goddess

During the months of June,

During Raja Parba when

The whole town echoes of

The sheer joy of being a woman!

Somewhere in my hometown

Of Cuttack

Lies a pond named

Thakur Gaadia (god's vehicle)

Where I sit and watch

A bloomed lotus floating away

As the sun beats down on the nape of my neck.


  • Making me fall in love with your hometown ❤️🌼

  • Loved the way you described it❤

    Harshada Pawar
  • 😍😍😍 a beautiful protrait of your hometown


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