By Kruti Shah

I was but 18
when I first felt the need
to climb up to get a better view, 
I thought
college and a new city
would set me free
forego my horizons
and I'd know better about the goat
than to tie it to a tree
I was but kept from it and
I've grown in my own ways
as it needed to be, 
But my friends,
they romanticised their home,
grew like love in Rome;
at times, I was glad we were in touch
While at others, I wondered
I was missing out on so much
I was probably 8,
when I first thought
of what a resent it was for man
to have to live on just one planet
when there were a million 
stars calling out to you 
each night,
and here I was
ten Earth years later,
striving to grow out of the city,
that I thought had enough of me
and vice versa
I'm a sucker for travel,
not cause I get to go new places 
or meet new people,
but to discover a new part of me
rusting unbothered somewhere
in my older regular self
I crave for places
and people,
that make me feel smaller
my way of reminding myself-
how much far behind I still am
why do I yearn to find a home
wherever it is that I go;
sometimes more like
wanting to create a new home
is it about-
building an identity
and leaving a mark behind ?
growing up to be true
to the literal meaning of my name ?
craving for a thoughtless impeccable mind these places offer me?
self reconciliation, growth and endurance?
I don't know 
It's not a question
that I'm seeking an answer for,
It's like my idea of life
since a long long time,
that I'm trying to bring justice to,
I have unwitheringly
pictured myself in the
magnanimous teenage dreams
of going about the entire universe
decoding all secrets
knowing whats and whys
and very holistically
living life big
I've always lived on - 
childlike dreams
counting stars &
crackpot ideas of having a
couch on the moon, humming
crazy beautiful life by kesha and
craving to go to the Pluto
and that craving has nowhere to go, ever
Cut to this night, I'm
still searching for a gush of new air,
still wanting to crack my shell open-
burst out,
just to feel whatever it feels like as
my affinity towards what's 
different and distant,
is there to stay; 
safer to say
how travel to me is more a necessity than a solace


  • The longing and curiosity of a seeker,an explorer and an eternal traveller could be sensed in each line of this verse. Beautiully expressed!

    Harpreet Kaur
  • Woww!! This is a great ride💙

    Samyak Singh
  • Loved it❤

    Harshada Pawar
  • Nice. Dreams will take you to the place where you can’t reach. Keep dreaming, who knows, god sees our dreams sometimes.

    Rajan V Kokkuri
  • Beautiful.

    Mareena Francis

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