For swifts and swallows

Kalyan, if you were a spirit, you would be a festival
Celebrating all cultures and vivid diversity alike
Temples and lakes adorn you like precious gems
A fort standing tall, Durgadi, being the Kohinoor
The 'wadas' signify the eras you've witnessed
History walks here leaving traces to lead the curious
My childhood memories are filled with parks and streets
Played in your lanes, games of hide and seek
As a youth, your far boundaries indulged me in long drives
Where small 'padas' doted with palms, of the natives thrive
Everyday people go and come to and from other cities
With your connections, you're the node and the center for many
We all dare to dream big under your sky and lights
You are the strength and the wind in our wings to fly
Don't weep the day I'll fly away out of this nest
You'll be in my heart as I go out on a quest


  • We indeed have our HOMES in our hearts

    Anshul Sura
  • Great poem?

    Pragnya Paramita
  • Lovely!

    Cherime Sangma
  • Beautiful

    Vaishali Goel

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