By Rajan Vk

Oh, now this rain drizzle drops takes me back to years
I was just eight years then,
My village by name was Attoor in Kerala
The big leaf was the umbrella then while going to school,
The bullock cart was the transportation from the closed railway gate,
Or walk few Kilometers without a sandal,
School brings the dark memory of beating by Mathematics teacher,
The only happiness was the company of girl friends in the mixed class,
The learning of cycle riding and learning of swimming was real thrill,
I am still alive having survived from drowning in the water pond,
The village life was so amazing with ponds, streams and paddy field,
An elephant who used to stay closed to our home was another thrill,
Once he became violent and killed a person,
We were afraid to reach home from school that day,
I ran to home on the way back from school,
It was big relief when someone controlled him and tied with ropes,
There was no power in the village then,
We studied in the light of kerosene lamp,
Walking in the darkness made me stronger and courageous,
Our life was mid of poverty and seldom had enough food to eat,
but grew seeing people helping each other.


  • Great capture of those days. Touching

  • Wonderful portrayal.

    Shiney E. Miracula

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