Where’s my safe haven?


New to the world,
New to the society.
Can't even speak a word,
And you left me bruised and in pain.
Oh! I was just a baby!!

Just turned six,
Just started enjoying my childhood.
Was so innocent and pious,
And you snatched my innocence.
Oh! I was just a child!!

At 13, I gained senses,
I just hit puberty.
Just started facing challenges,
And there I was with another life in me.
Oh! I was just a teenager!!

I just entered adulthood,
Ready to hold some responsibilities.
Mature enough to take decisions,
And there I was with a ripped dress of mine.
Oh! I was just a new adult!!

Later I was all set with a family,
2 tiny tots calling me mommy.
Queen of the house I was called,
And there I was in blood on the road.
Oh! I was just a mom!!

At last, had fulfilled all my duties,
Indulged in prayers and hymns.
Patiently waiting for the death to approach,
And there I was with lying helpless on the floor.
Oh! Even if I'm a grandmom!?

None of you or me are secured in this world,
Now, here I am scared at home all curled.
Such an act is a crime and not a mistake,
You've shaken my soul but I pray my strength doesn't break.
Oh society, your injustice keeps killing me,
Just like your boys, I always wish to be free.


  • Mesmerizing piece of work, keep up and share such more heart touching poems.

    Charu Malik
  • So intense, so forthright… Ahhhh! It left me with dilemma, whether I should praise the art of this beautiful soul or I should settle the argument which is happening in my mind.
    It’s really very influencing poem. Keep contributing in welfare of society with the gift you have got.

  • Splendid…👍 amazingly written… 👌 u go grl😘😘 ur poetry really touched my heart out❤️

    Megha Arora Sethi
  • Phenomenal poetry Mahima with full of emotion great work keep it up !! 👏👏👏

    Nimanshu Jain
  • Unimpeachable! Honest! Commendable!
    Falling short of of vocabulary to let my heart out!!!!
    What a way to showcase the harsh reality of our so called “cultured and sophisticated” society!!!
    Brilliantly written!!!

    Rohini Singh
  • Wow, an amazing g piece, full of emotions which we all can relate to. Cheers to all strong women who are warriors, wishing to be free.

    Somyata Tiwari

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